Moods of Minervois with Jan van Boeckel

We organize a Wildpainting course from September 6 to 10, 2017, with our basis in the medieval French village of Bize-Minervois. The course will be taught in Swedish and English.


Wildpainting is allowing yourself to paint in ways you may never attempted before and to immerse yourself in a natural environment which invites opening all of your senses.

Wildpainting is for you who want to paint in a free and unexpected way, while enjoying the warm colours and the sun. Sharing good food around the table, hikes and walks in the area, and the conversations about what we see and experience are just as important ingredients in what this course is about. Many people have been injured in their creativity by teachers and adults. "That doesn’t look like a real lemon!”Those colours don’t match!” However, the curiosity and desire to create which we had as a children and which seems to be hidden when we become adults, can be awakened again.

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